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The Truth About Getting Brand New Top-Quality And Original Items From USA, U.K And China at 4 times Cheaper Prices...
"An Amazing New Discovery 
That Anyone Including You Can Use to Kick-Start
 An Online 
Mini Importation Business
from Home
 and Make Over N150,000 Monthly"

From: Mr Olawale
Lagos, Nigeria.

Dear Loyal Reader,

If you would like to start importing brand new quality items at cheap prices from USA, UK & China, this will be the most important message you will ever read.  Trust me .

Here is why...

From this page, you are about to discover the
 amazing new discovery in online Retail / Mini-Importation business and how you can start in the next 48 hours.

And how any serious person can start and successfully run an online mini importation business in Nigeria with capital as low as N10,000 and build the business to the level where you'll begin to realise up to N150,000 monthly in no time.
I am an Internet Business Entrepreneur that knows his onions and has being around for a while.
Some of the internet business i handle run ranges from Site designs, Information Publishing to Importation Business.

Aside that, we also teach Nigerians and other people like you how to start up a Profitable Business online and offline.
Mini Importation Business has to do with importing "QUALITY AND ORIGINAL HOT IN DEMAND"  items online for very little prices and reselling them here in Nigeria for HUGE profit.  

The simple truth and secret is that there are always people that are willing to buy your items from you depending on what you wish to bring in/import.  So, you'll always make cool profit at any point in time.

  • It does not require large start up capital (Just about N5,000 to N10,000).
  • It does not require you to own an office (you can run the business from the comfort of your home).
  • You don't need to get license from the government to operate the business.
  • There is NO custom wahala involved in this business.

Anyone with good knowledge in the business can do it, and it does not matter if you are a...
  • Teacher
  • Civil Servant
  • Business owner
  • Youth Corper
  • Unemployed Graduate
  • Secretary
  • University or Polytechnic student, etc.

There are 5 main tools that you need to get started with this business...
1. A valid home address or office address -
 that you will use to receive your goods/items.

2. A Mastercard or visa card issued from any Nigerian Bank
 - You will need this to make payment for the items or goods you want to import with no stress. It is very safe.

3. Start-up capital for the business (just with as little as N5,000 to  N10,000).  You don't need huge cash to start and begin to make good profit.

4. The online import portals
 (or the website that you would be importing from).

5. Access to the "My Mini Importation Biz Manual".
 The Mini Importation Business is very profitable and the reason is quite simple.  It's because Nigeria is a consuming country. You can import most items to Nigeria and sell them easily, especially if you know the tricks of the trades.

And that I am also going to reveal to you.
But before I continue, let me make sure we are clear on one thing...
  • This is NOT JUST about importing from Aliexpress alone.
  • This is NOT about importing from DHgate alone.
  • This is NOT about buying from those chinese merchants that sell very poor quality or sub-standard items or products using their online shopping portals
It's nothing like you've ever seen before. 

Here, what I am about to reveal to you is how to get hot selling quality items at dirt cheap prices.

Imagine getting a
 brand new Samsung galaxy S4 for as low as N14,000, brand new Nokia lumia 710 phone for N11,000, brand new MacBook Air Laptop for as low as N37,000 and lots more.
There Are About 5 Categories of Items that 
You Can Import Online and Sell them
Fast Here in Nigeria
These fast selling items are:

1. SmartPhones:
 I'm talking about smartphones like Samsung Galaxy series, HTC, Sony, Blackberry 10 series (Q10, Q5, Z10, Z30 etc), Nokia Lumia and lots more others. 

The craze for these smartphones (especially Android) in Nigeria is growing FAST. And you can easily make profit from it.


2. Power Banks and Solar Chargers: The main reason why power banks and solar chargers sell more in Nigeria is simple. It's because of our poor electric power supply.

These power banks sells like crazy. I even supply a seller in Alaba Int'l Market these power banks which I buy online at 4 times cheaper prices. 
As you can see below, you can easily get them at $10 per piece.
 Or even start with buying 10 pieces @ $8 each. That is around N15,000. 
When you resell each of them for N3,500 each or more... you will end up with profit of around N20,000 just from this single transaction after removing your capital.
Here's one of the
 12000MAH power banks which I imported recently.

I use it to charge my Tablet and Blackberry. The capacity is superb and it lasts long.

3. Tablets and PCs: Most people in Nigeria love using Android and Windows Tablets , especially the workers, students etc. 

You can easily get these tablets at extremely cheap prices in my secret import portals, pay peanuts for the shipping, and also sell them fast here in Nigeria.

For example, you can get this windows Tablet for only $83.5 (that is around N15,790).

Online shopping stores like Jumia and Konga sell these tablets for N40,000.

Now let's say you order for 2 pieces and sell each of them at N35,000 each.

That leaves you with a profit of N40,000.

4. Fashion Accessories for Ladies: These are another set of fast moving products here in Nigeria. 
The reason is that most ladies spend lots of money in acquiring fashionable items like bags, shoes, clothes etc. 
There are a lot of people on online forums and social networks that are based on selling these fashion accessories for ladies.

For example, on one of my secret import portals, you can get Quality Designer bags for ladies at cheap price of $23 which is around N4,300.

You can simply import just 10 of these bags, and resell them for as much as N6,500 each. 

Most retail shops or online shopping stores in Nigeria sell them for N9,500 or even more!

5. Original Football Jerseys and Sportwears: As you already know, Nigeria is a football-loving country. 

If you go over to websites like Konga, you will see that a lot of people are selling club and countries jerseys.

Lots of people buy these jerseys for as much as N8,000. Some stores even sell them at N10,000.

You can decide to import these jerseys from the secret import portal for just $8 (that is, N1,300) and sell them at N5,000.

These are just a few of the hot items that you can import and resell in Nigeria fast.

I have created a complete step-by-step report that reveals how any serious person can get started with the business importing quality items online starting with capital as low as N10,000 and making profit of N150,000 or more monthly.

"My Step by Step And Easy to Understand Retail/Mini Importation Business Package"

"How To Import Quality Items from Top Online Stores 
in the US, UK, ChinaShip Them Down
to Nigeria at Low Prices and Make up to
N150,000 Monthly Guranteed"

Let's get more specific. Here's just a small fraction of what you will get inside the report:

  • How to get started as a mini importer in the next 48 hours

  • 7 of the best import portals that you should use to do your importation from the US, UK & Dubai. It's not just Aliexpress, it's not DHgate! They are exclusive portals that are only known to top importers.

  • How to determine hot in demand products that will sell fast and make you good profit. 

  • The biggest mistake most "self acclaimed importers" make is to import items or products that they will later find it hard to sell. I've ensured you avoid this pitfall.

  • 3 strategies for detecting a fake seller or merchant on any of the import portals. This tip alone will help save you from being scammed.

  • How you can easily pay for your products on the import portals with ease.
  • Best shipping companies that you should use for shipping your items from US, UK and China. 

Below Are Some of The Products That People Have Just Imported After Getting My Mini-Importation / retail Business Manual.
My students(both Male & Female) usually send my photos of some of their imported goods to testify which you can also see below;




All above goods are 3x cheaper than their Nigeria Market prices.
Cease this opportunity and also join the league of Importers and start making good fortunes out of it.

Below Is  Another Proof
This is a white dude, he is also selling Samsung Products. He imported the Samsung Galaxy S5 into the US from the same trading company i am about to introduce to you (imagine....if a guy in the US is doing this, then what's your excuse?)

He sold them off cheaply at 25k each and finished the first 8 pieces within 24 hours.


As you can see from the facebook comments above, these galaxy phones are in HOT demand.
And this is the best time to tap into this market and milk all the goodies.
No wonder the major importers have been hiding their secrets for years.  The worst thing is that those importers will never reveal it to you.

The Best Part is...

You Will Also Be Introduced to Newly
Discovered Asian Trading Companies...
There's an Asian Trading company which I discovered recently that has transformed my importation business. 

Recently, I ordered about  Samsung Galaxy S4 for only $80 each (shipping fee included).

And I have been able to sell them fast at a give-away price of N40,000 only.
See some of the Samsung Galaxy s4 
which I imported recently

The Samsung Galaxy S4 is sold for $80 which is N13,600 in Nigerian currency, you can buy just one piece of this smartphone and resell it for N40,000 to N45,000.

Though I sold mine for N40,000 each.

As you can see, from this deal alone, you can make over N31,000 profit from selling just one Samsung Galaxy Smartphone.

But that's not all...
Infact, Check Out Some of the Promotional Emails 
With the Available Items Which I Receive from
this company

I will like you to take a good look at the prices they are giving out this goods to me. 

Here they are literately begging me to come and buy more CHEAP and ORIGINAL items for those insane cheap prices.
You can also get other Samsung Quality products at cheap prices!
What about this Samsung Note 4 that is selling 
for just $110 (that is about, N20,800)?...

Can you now see the profit that you stand to make when you import and resell even just one piece of this smartphone?

One of my friend in the US even imported this Galaxy Note 4 from this Asian trading company that you will discover inside my brand new Mini Importation Business Guide.

(imagine if a guy in the US is doing this, then what's your excuse?)

Let Me Show You More of the Items That You 
Can Import from This Companies'
Websites at Dirt-Cheap Prices!
Check out the MacBook below selling for only $200 (that is N37,400) plus a shipping fee of $10,  meaning you get it for only N39,270

Here Are The Specifications of the 
MacBook Air Laptop...

Let's do the maths...

This Notebook was bought for N39,270 (including the shipping fee)

You can easily sell the MacBook Air Laptop for N75,000. Note that, most shops at Computer Village, Ikeja sells this same Laptop for over N100,000.

Even if you decide to sell it at N75,000... your profit from this transaction will be around (N75,000 - N39,270) which
 N35,730 PURE PROFITS for selling one Laptop.

Imagine scaling up to the level of selling 10 of such laptops in a month... You will be pulling in close to N350,000 from this deal.

I know you will agree with me that laptops are one of the hottest products right now in Nigeria.
Nokia Lumia Series

Below is one of the promotional emails I received 
from the Asian trading company...

Now lets convert the prices to naira and compare 
to prices they are sold in Nigeria
Nokia Lumia Series
Price From The Company in Asian
 Price In Nigeria
$180 that is =N= 29,700
$380 that is  =N=62,700
$250 that is  =N=41,250
$130 that is =N=21,450
=N= 62,495
$95  that is  =N= 15,670
$115  that is =N= 18,975
$65 that is =N= 10,725
$60 that is =N= 10,500
$100 that is =N=16,500
$140 that is =N= 23,100
The prices are very low compared to the prices that they are sold here in Nigeria.

There's a massive profit to be made from the importation of Nokia Lumia series.

This is what I call

Even better, let me show you real life proofs of the prices that these same Nokia Lumia series are sold in online shopping stores like Jumia and Konga

These shopping stores all buy from the same secret import portals that I am about to reveal to you, so that you can join us the millionaire club importer and smile to the bank.
Check Out Prices From Online Shopping 
Portals In Nigeria

Can you see some of the profits that you should be 
making as well from this business?
But wait..

Let's us do a simple calculation here...

Let's say you kick-start your mini importation business by importing a Nokia Lumia 610 for $60, that is N10,500 and you pay an additional N850 for the shipping, meaning the total cost of N11,250

Now selling this stuff for N22,000( which is very cheap compared to the stores here in Nigeria).

The total profit made from this single transaction is N22,000-N11,250 which is
 N10,750 PURE PROFITS for selling one NOKIA LUMIA 610 .

Imagine scaling up to the level of selling 20 of such NOKIA LUMIA PHONE in a month....

You will be pulling in close to N200,000 from this deal.

Note: Your start up capital is just N11,250

I've seen people that started small and turned it into a profit-pulling business in record time.

Seriously - I mean this...
Below is a young guy that gets nokia lumia smart phone from the same source I am about to reveal to you and uses his facebook account to sell them and rake in huge profit.

But there are other quality products you can import from this trading company...
Below are Top Quality Products That 
You Can Get at Cheaper Prices from
This Asian Trading Company
1. Women casual wear
2. Men sports shoes
3. Men formal shoes
4. Textile products
5. watches
6. solar products
7. Ipad
8. Computer & accessories
9. Car accessories
10. Ladies bag
11. Football jerseys
12. Women footwear
13. Cctv camera
14. Digital camera
15. Brazilian and indian hair
16. Cctv surveillance products
17. Fashion accessories
18. Home appliances
19. Office & school supplies
20. Toys
21. Beauty & personal care products
23. And lots more…


For you to succeed with the Mini Importation Business, you need access to some new secrets that are proven to help you get maximum profit from every deal you make.

Consider these 2 scenarios...

Scenario A:
 You have access to the list of websites that you can import from. Even though you have little experience, you go ahead and import from these websites. You pay a very high shipping fees because you have no option. After some time, your items get delivered to you. 

But the bad new is, you are stuck with them and can't sell them for two reasons. The items you imported are low quality, so most people price them low. Secondly you don't just know how to market them.

What about the second scenario?

Scenario B:
 You have access to the A-list Import portals where you can import a wide variety of items. You do your research first, and get to know a lot about the market (or people) who you are going to sell the imported items to.

Next, you import an "hot selling" items at cheaper price but most importantly, they are top quality. You even pay a very low shipping fee. And once the items get delivered to you within 5 -7 days, you easily sell them fast and make crazy profits.

Which of the scenarios do you prefer to encounter?

Scenario B, right?

Like I said earlier, over the year I made mistakes, tried several things until I discovered a blueprint that almost any average Nigerian can use to earn N150,000 per month or even more from Mini Importation Business.

You see, for you to succeed with the Mini Importation Business, you have to know 3 important things:
1.                      The Exact Hot selling products that you should be importing
2.                      How to get these top quality items at cheaper prices and also pay a cheap shipping fees or even sometimes get the items shipped to you for free
3.                      How exactly you will sell the items fast here in Nigeria using both effective online and offline methods

Okay Mr Wale, How Can i get this Retail/Mini-Importation Biz Package Manual and Much Is it? I need a Copy........................

Actually, compared with what you get inside the Mini Importation Business Guide, the price for the guide is a lot less than you'd expect.

You see, I could charge you
N10,000 for the Brand New Mini Importation Guide and it will still be worth every single penny of it.

But you don’t have to pay that much. You don’t even have to pay N9,500, N8,500, N7,500 or even N6,500. 

I'm not going to charge you anywhere near that amount.


Because you have taken your time to read this page and you have to benefit from it.

I want to make the price affordable and also ensure that every person who is interested in getting this report and seriously wants to kick-start his or her mini importation business can lay their hands on it.

So I will be giving it out at an amazing low price this week.

You get access to the Mini / Retail Importation Business Manual at a launch price of
 only N1,000.

But you have to take advantage of this low price now because it is available for...
A Very Short Time!

You see, The truth is that the price of this manual will increase any time from now , So, the earlier, the better for you.

It'll be sold then for a much higher PRICE

But you don't have to pay that amount... because you are one of the first seeing this page.

What you have to pay is only

But, here's a personal promise to you.
I honestly believe this is the most powerful, intensive and yet easy-to-learn mini importation guide available. 

So, I'm taking all the risk. You are covered by my
 unconditional, Risk-Free, Money Back Guarantee.

That's how confident I am that the Mini Importation Business Guide will work for you.

Bank Payment OR Online / ATM transfers.

To take advantage of this discount offer, pay CASH or make  TRANSFER of N1,000 only into any of the following banks using the bank details below:

Guaranty Trust Bank 
Account Number - 0018806835


         Keystone Bank
Account Number - 6017025407


                 Access bank
Account Number - 0036953343


                First bank
Account Number -3102661517

Immediately after payment send the following details as SMS .
Text the word "IMPORT", Your Name And E-mail address to 07085013394 0R 07057446600.

The Mini Importation Business Manual will be sent into your email address within few minutes, and you can download it and get started.


Apart from making huge profit monthly from Mini-Importation business, you can also make up to N50,000 monthly from your home just by being an "INFORMATION LEVERAGER" and the manual for this is also available for just N1,000 .You can also earn about N55,000 monthly from "VIRTUAL GAMING".  The manual for this is also available and it presently goes for N1,000.  Once again, IT'S YOUR CHOICE...

Click here to see details and know about Info Leveraging

Click here to see details and know about Virtual Gaming


After payment for the desired manual(s), text your name, Amount Paid, Name of Manual(s) and your e-mail address to 07085013394 0R 07057446600 and you'll get the manual(s) in your mail box within seconds.

Mr Wale 07085013394 0R 07057446600 (You can call or text for any further details).

P.S. - Remember, "time is very much of the essence". If you miss out on the chance to get the Mini Importation Business Manual now at the discount price... you will end up paying more than double or triple, and also have yourself to blame for the lost opportunity.

The introductory discount price of the Retail / Mini Importation Business Guide will increase 7 days from now.

Get yourself a copy today while the price is still low.